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Checkered - Kids Float (2-5yrs - 30-66lbs)

Checkered - Kids Float (2-5yrs - 30-66lbs)

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The modern and trendy arm float you have been looking for. Waterwings by SBC. Give your little one confidence in the water this summer. 

  • For children 30-66LB.
  • Safety buckle at the back prevents children from removing the swim vest without parental help
  • Adjustable strap in back for a snug fit across the chest.
  • Easy on/off design for parents.
  • Body and arm wings help provide a stable position in calm water.
  • Arm Wings Floaties for Kids.
  • Shoulder straps for extra security preventing the float from slipping off.
  • Wraps around chest with a multi panel design for comfort.
  • 100% polyester for durability.

    This kids float is NOT US Coast Guard approved and intended as a learning swim aid. Child needs adult supervision while wearing this splash vest at all times. This is NOT a lifesaving device and is not rated as an approved life jacket for recreational water vehicles.

    Before use, check the device for tears, defects, and buoyancy.


    • To clean, hand-wash in cool fresh water and air-dry out of direct sunlight in a standing or upright position.
    • To avoid mold, never store a wet device in a closed compartment.
    • Avoid exposure to harsh detergents, chemicals, or excessive sunscreen that may cause fading.
    • Exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and extreme heat may cause colors to fade and/or bleed.
    • Avoid contact with sharp objects or abrasive surfaces.


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